This fluffy, itty bitty emperor penguin just broke the cuteness scale! Photographer Daisy Gilardini snapped this photo on Snow Hill Island in Antarctica. It is so adorable!

Is that like an albino hedgehog?? Is there such a thing??? << It's not an albino. It has pigmentation on some of it's quills, and it's eyes also have pigmentation. It's some sort of selectively bred color mutation. Just sayin.

It looks like a duck... ducks always try and bite me, and aren't as cute as this. Honestly, I know it's a platypus, but it kinda looks more like a beaver-duck-thing.. let's get to the point... it's CUTE.

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Totally SFW. A random collection of the most beautiful things I can find. Some pictures are mine, most are not, and if I've posted something of yours you want removed, please let me know. Outdoors is the best place to be, no matter where you live...

this is real, a polar bear came to where a photographer & his huskies were staying & the photographer thought his dogs were going to be eaten & the polar bear just started playing with them & came back every night for a week & played with them! so cute

So cute! 🐾😍 Tag three friends if you think this is cute! Photo, via