Check out the infographic for better vocal health. Includes links to vocals warm-up and work-out exercises. How To Warm Up Your Voice So You Can Vocalize and Stay Healthy

22 Problems Only Altos Will Understand

And on the off chance you do get to play a love interest, you’re definitely not going to get the guy. 22 Problems Only Altos Will Understand

How to belt: the 9 essential secrets poster. I have done so much research on belting vs bel canto I my head hurts when I think about it.

Why are Washington Hamilton and Laurens white<<< idk man but little Phillip is the most adorable thing I've seen al day

The wonderful uses of brooms on Broadway. Brought to you by Wicked, Les Miz, Mary Poppins and Annie. This is literally beautiful and about what I do of the day.

Broadway Crayons

Note: With current demand, delivery time on crayons is about 7 days Set Of 12 Broadway-Themed Coloring Crayons. Each set comes in custom packaging. Keep an eye out fo

Musicals explained Heathers Hairspray Hamilton Wicked Phantom of the Opera Dear Evan Hansen Les Mis