Los Arys

Los Arys

Madrid / Digital Influencer in Fashion Brands- Instagram @LosArys Ariel Dieguez - Ariel Medeiro International Creative Digital Personalities #losarys
Los Arys
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Rolleiflex: fashion camera. La mejor para fotografía de moda hasta ahora.  Visor posterior, precisión, ángulos movibles.  Amo esto!

(Maybe not in gold.) - Rolleiflex TLR Medium-format camera with Super Angulon HFT lens in Gold in red skin.

Vintage polaroid.   Vintage Lomography  - Lomo ready cameras   - Vintage collectible cameras    www. Etsy.com/VintageLomography

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65 años desde que comenzó este GRAN invento ^^ <3

1948 Polaroid Land camera - I would love to hire a photographer dressed in old fashioned clothing to sit in front of the Paper Moon and take the guests' photos for a visual guestbook. They can write a message on the bottom of the Polaroid for us.