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čepice - malování ředěnou tuší, grafomotorika - kresba zmizíkem, bambule - kuličky z krepového papíru - lepení

Draw design with a white crayon/colored pencil, then paint blue, and lastly after almost dry add/glue colored tissue paper scraps on top!


"blowing" lines - Black and white picture cut out and glued to bottom corner of page. good line project

Bac à sable. Atelier# montesorri#. Avec des petites perles# pour former des cercles, des contours, des parcours...

A tray or bin with sand can be used to encourage fine motor skills that are needed for later writing!

Eventail des modèles graphiques graphisme maternelle

Make a pile of drawing cards for each table. They draw and add the different lines.

graphisme maternelle

awesome unit on line! A great read aloud to go sling with it is "Dizzy". We read out as a part of our biography unit and as sentence fluency. My kids noticed the lines coming from the instruments and started making connections with his moods.

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serpentines van kleur naar kleur

Write Dance 5 the train Choose two coloured stickers for the train to ride between

Jeux de dominos et jeu de mémory des formes graphiques

Jeux graphiques: jeu de dominos et jeu de mémory des formes graphiques

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WRITING: Pattern cards (FREE printable) for mark making and early handwriting - from Rachel (",)

Motricité fine - Formes - Textures  Reproduire des formes avec des graines (haricots, pâtes...). On peut les poser/coller sur des pointillés ou reproduire sur une autre feuille.

Fine motor skill development - construction paper, silver sharpie, & dried beans, pom poms, or other substitute