bucket list - take a picture with every state sign in America

bucket list - take a picture with every state sign in America. Or province sign in Canada

But knowing me I would probably start lighting people on fire or something you know<< haha same

bucket list for girls

I want a 12 pack by this summer! A 8 pack isn't good enough Have you ever wanted to have a hard core make out sesh? cause I want her I be like damn and not to be able to get over it

The Teen Bucket List (TheTeen_BucketList) sur We Heart It / signet visuel

I've flown Lufthansa first class from Bogota to Frankfurt IT IS AMAZING, hope when I'm older I'm rich enough to do it all the time and not just as a special treat.

May 2013 was the best day of my life. I got to officially say I survived high school and all it's B.

I do want to do this at some point - when I have a more 'permanent' room to do it anyways ;)

My Bucketlist

Cover my bedroom wall with pictures. This would be so cute if you started with a clean wall and added pictures of your summer. Or thing you check off your bucket list


I LOVE travel. Every year would definitely be a dream come true. Last year was St. This year will be the UK.