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I need to remind myself this more. I always worry things will go wrong that the more I worry I cause something to go wrong. The unknown is scary and I hate not knowing things or always feeling reassured. One of my biggest goals to work on.

Good advice! If you're in a relationship and you caught them toying with your heart you deserve better than that! Don't tolerate cheating!

You can choose how you react when you didn't follow through. A positive response makes it easier to make the right choice the next time.

"Tell me the truth Jacob! Where are they?" My voice sounds high-pitched and squeaky, revealing my desperation. He knows where my family is, what happened to them; to everyone that disappeared that night. His gray eyes slowly gaze up and meet mine. "Gone."


Read to your children..

Since it is so likely that children will meet cruel enemies let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage... cs lewis


Wise Words From A Decent Man – Bob Marley

I like this but without all the leaving and meeting someone new. I want to love one person and only one person for my entire life!! That's all...