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Beautiful Mix Of Prints With A Chunky Knit Scarf For A Chic Winter Look. Love the plaid on plaid look. This would be a great way to take those Lularoe Elegant Collection plaid skirts and wear them in a different outfit.

6 pc queue Ivoire plume de paon avec des yeux par SHINDIGSUPPLIES, $8.00

Scott Cunningham’s All-Purpose Air Spell: “Stand in an open place atop a…

colorful kids' room!

The Kid-Friendly Escape Transform IKEA's KURA loft bed with a vibrant wallpaper! Simply adhere a print of your choice to the flat surfaces of the bed, and fasten curtains below the bed to create a dreamy fort!

The Mad Hatter has a basis in real history. In the 18th and 19th centuries, mercury was used to treat felt used in the production of hats in England. Workers in hat factories were exposed to toxic levels of the heavy metal and often led to the onset of dementia.

“Mad as a hatter” - In and century England, mercury was used in making felt for hats. Workers in hat factories were exposed daily to trace amounts of the metal, which eventually caused mercury poisoning in some, resulting in dementia.