How to Raise a Happy, Successful, Cooperative Child while Disciplining Less - Great things to think about. Ethan is definitely Fun Loving and Chase is a mix of Sensitive and Serious. Not sure about Draven yet, but he's heading in the Determined direction.

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Zorpia. is a people meeting platform helping people make friends anytime anywhere. Whether it's friends with similar interests, casual dates or gaming buddies, Zorpia will help you find, match up, and play games with the right people.

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From where I stand, watching me, nothing is the same as yesterday and tomorrow is a mystery in ways no horoscope can bind me to it as of something about to happen—a cab I’ve pulled over, drives away, leaving me behind and in the backseat looking back; two

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See how fucking ridiculous this sounds in literally ANY CONTEXT
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Click To KnowWill 2017 Be Your BIG Year? Positive quote: If you propose to speak, always ask yourself, is it true, is it necessary, is it kind.

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feral children, perfume, indie film, the epic in the midst of the everyday, pop culture, etymology, absurdity, genealogy, gag reels, the human condition, the fringes of society & science, the banal &...

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Note from TeamMona: What are your behaviors modeling to your children? Not just what you say about yourself, but how you speak about others will be internalized by your kids. Be kind! :-)

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