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The Rook + Tragus Piercing | 28 Adventurous Ear Piercings To Try This Summer

Tragus, and rook. The tragus is that little inner ear flap. Tragus piercings take about months to heal and rate pretty average on the pain tolerance scale.

I wanted to do this! but my ears fold right after the third hole so I had to settle for 2nd and third hole piercings.

What do you guy's think of like double ear piercings? Or ear cuffs? Or just one Piercing? What ear piercn

Hot cartilage piercing earrings for girls

I've always wanted a row of ear piercings. I've gotten a cartilage piercing before but it closed. When I pierce my ears it takes about a year to heal making it very difficult, but I hope to have many cartilage piercings one day!