and then i'll get paranoid and have to keep taking my headphones off to check no-one else can hear my music <<< nah I'll just annoy them if they can hear me

it's just me and clones of me cuz I have no friends surprise surprise

My Chemical Steady Relationship

My Chemical Steady Relationship "When I was an old girl my mother took my to the country to see a marching band She said daughter when I somehow am old Will you not be the savior for anything and just be a jerk to everyone.

thanks frankie!

this is the “original” version of the picture frank took for the danger days album

Better than garlic bread? Then again it's MCR so.>> Can confirm! Through good quality earphones that is. Also, is there just a universal love for garlic bread?

I love how Mikey has his famous "poker face", Gerard is just looking fabulous, Frank looks like an excited small child, and Ray is just like haii. XD

I still can't believe they photoshopped pants on Gerard.<<<when u say pants I always think underwear and my brain just goes "why wasn't Gee in underwear" and then I realised that he's wearing underwear but not trousers 😂 I'm so British

One of the many reasons to why I love frank << *cough* killer cinnamon roll *cough*

When i grow up i wanna be a GERARD WAY.



some stupid ass meme

The way brothers

A beautiful picture of the Way brothers- Mikey & Gerard Way formerly of My Chemical Romance.