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North Africa & the Middle East

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Children's games, activities, recipes, and more related to North Africa and the Middle East

Ward off the Evil Eye with this Hamsa Craft for Kids

Hamsa Multicultural Craft from the Middle East- easy and stunning for kids! The hamsa is a hand-shaped amulet found throughout the Middle East, used as a decoration by Jewish, Muslim, and Christian people. Hamsas can be found on the entrances in homes or hanging in cars because of the superstition that they ward off the evil eye and protect people around them.

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"Foolish" Wise Men - folktales from the Middle East and India

"Foolish" Wise Men - folktales from the Middle East and India | The Logonauts

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A Few Facts About The Heritage of Bahrain and The UAE

A Few Facts about the Heritage of Bahrain and UAE on the Multicultural Kid Blogs

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"Henna Hands:" A Simple Multicultural Craft for Kids

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Map the Book: "Africa is NOT a Country"

Using children's book "Africa is Not a Country," kids participate in a mapping activity and learn about the distinctions of culture in an immense continent. I love the illustrations and map activity!

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Halloumi Meshwi (Palestinian Pan-Grilled Halloumi with Lemon) #halloumi #meshwi #palestine #palestinian #cheese #lemon #appetizer #snack

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Read Families: Educating Kids in Morocco

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