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La Clase de Sra. DuFault: El día de la madre

La Clase de Sra. DuFault: Gratis

La Clase de Sra. DuFault

La causa limeña es un plato típico de la cocina peruana y su ingrediente más característico es la papa amarilla. En queremos mostrarte la receta...

Free printable cards for practicing South American countries and capitals, with "Guess which country I am?" cards.

All About Ecuador: Places To Visit. Culture and Traditions. Food. Travel Recommendations

Easter Dessert from Brazil: Paçoca de Amendoim |

As Aventuras de Sofia na Selva (Portuguese book review) : the piri-piri lexicon

luna lunera, cascabelera, ojos azules boca morena. rimas tradicionales infatiles / rhymes and poems for children in Spanish

Another Brazil: my story : the piri-piri lexicon

Colombian recipes: chicken and rice and chicken soup with potatoes

La Clase de Sra. DuFault: Gabriela Mistral

Books, activities, and resources to introduce children to Colombia

the best language apps #tech

Trickster Tales from Latin America | The LogonautsA collection of trickster tales from Central America, South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

American Christmas treats

South American Christmas treats

Creation Stories from South and Central America | The Logonauts

South American Christmas desserts - infographic

Christmas in Spanish-Speaking Countries: A Collection. Find posts about Navidad in Hispanic countries that include songs, books, crafts, recipes, infographics, videos, and more. Includes posts about Los Tres Reyes, Noche Buena, Las Posadas, and Parrandas. Traditions from Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Spain, and Puerto Rico..

La Clase de Sra. DuFault: El día de Chile

Creation Stories from Latin America | The LogonautsCollection of creation stories from the indigenous cultures of North, South, and Central America.

Huaso: The Chilean Cowboy Infographic

Lomo Saltado: Beef Stir Fry from Peru | All Done Monkey

Free printable mini-book in Spanish and English. Learn about Peru!