Willa and the WhyNots!

Willa & the WhyNots is a fun & fantastical middle grade novel (due 2014)! Once, what mattered most to Willa was nature, free time, & fitting in. When weird stuff starts happening, like her hair defying gravity, other things matter more. Now she aims to save the wondrous land WhyNot. Too bad retrieving stolen goods, protecting impish new friends, banishing badness, & restoring magic to a wilting world is as hard as it sounds - even if you are 10. https://www.facebook.com/WillaAndTheWhynots
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Designed by Antoni Gaudi and built between 1905-07, the Casa Batllo is a masterpiece of modern surreal architecture. The locals call it the Casa dels Ossos (house of bones) and I have to agree with them, from the outside anyway. It's skeletal balconies and window frames give it the look of a mythical beast, the rainbow mosaics that decorate the front glinting like scales in the sun.

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Researchers have reconstructed a new phylogeny of assassin bugs, shedding light on their evolutionary history.

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Mantispa styriaca commonly known as mantidflies, mantispids, mantid lacewings or mantis-flies

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Daytime in WhyNot!

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