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Science - Windows 8 Apps

A board of Windows 8 apps to use in the science classroom on any Windows 8 desktop, laptop, or mobile device.
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NOVA Elements // Description Did you ever wonder why the periodic table is shaped the way it is, what gives each element its own unique set of properties, or even how elements combine to make everyday objects such as a cup of coffee? With “NOVA Elements,” explore an interactive periodic table, play a game hosted by David Pogue, or watch the two-hour NOVA program, “Hunting the Elements.”

NOVA Elements app for Windows in the Windows Store

This BBC Earth Wonders app // showcases some of the most beautiful BBC natural history content, taken from landmark series such as Planet Earth, Frozen Planet and Life, along with stunning images from world-renowned natural history photographers.

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Create Animate app // Description Create graphics and animate them! Have fun!

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Ck-12 // Browse, learn and practice at your own pace and in your own learning and teaching style. Our Windows 8 App helps you use over 15+ modalities including videos, images, quizzes, practice, and fun interactive learning objects to learn and also teach Math & Science effectively. Our Math library covers topics ranging from Algebra, Analyis and Arithmetic to Statistics, Probability and Geometry. Our Science library ranges from Earth, Life and Physical science to Biology, Chemistry and…

CK-12 app for Windows in the Windows Store

Biologypop // is a popular and fully interactive biology website. You have the chance to access all the details of living creatures in this journey into the depths of the science of biology.


Anatomy Atlas // is a visual atlas that enables to find most of the information about human anatomy. Exploration of human body with visual effects is so easy now. You can find anatomy atlases and descriptions on this medical library.

Anatomy Atlas app for Windows in the Windows Store

Wild Kratts Creature Power // Dive into the world of animals with the Kratt brothers in three awesome animal adventures! Explore special creature powers in these engaging games, as you pollinate flowers as a bee, bathe elephants, and feed a family of raccoons. Based on the PBS KIDS series Wild Kratts, Wild Kratts Creature Power includes three fun, immersive games, each focused on a specific science concept, and filled with interesting science facts.

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SkyORB // "We love SkyORB because it not only offers 3D images of the planets and the stars in the sky, along with comets and asteroids, but it also comes a 'point to sky' feature that allows you to aim your handset towards a star or planet and it'll identify it for you. "

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Classroom B // Corinth Classroom is a new generation innovative learning solution for elementary and high school teachers, providing an immersive visualization of natural science subject matter. Teaching with detailed and illustrative 3D models grab the attention of students and increase their motivation for learning, whether it is the human or animal anatomy, plant biology, or geology. The app interacts with MS Office and enables using of the visual models in teachers` own presentations.

Corinth Classroom B app for Windows in the Windows Store

International Space Station // Photorealistic real time interactive 3D model of International Space Station (ISS) in fascinating Earth orbit. Revolutionary new DREAMVIEW introduces interactive 360° spatial viewing. Application also allows rotation/zoom of the three-dimensional model. Best ISS 3D is also educational about International Space Station station's structure and modules. Photo and Video galleries include authentic material documenting real operation of the station.

International Space Station – Windows Apps on Microsoft Store

Corinth Micro Engines Augmented // Have you ever been interested in types of engines and how do they work? This ground-breaking 3D interactive educational app offers all the facts you are looking for - in a visually outstanding, easy-to-understand and fun package.

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Gravilux // Gravilux is an interactive musical starfield visualizer: it’s a combination of music, animation, art, and science. As you touch the screen, gravity draws simulated stars to your fingertips. You can tease and twist the particles into galaxies, or explode them like a supernova. You can color the stars by their speed, and make them dance to the music from your play list. You can change parameters including gravity and number of stars, and enable antigravity and color.

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"Freddy" // "Freddy" is a physics-based arcade game with great graphics, and fun and original gameplay. Help Freddy the frog through an adventurous world full of multi-colored poisonous balls that he really wants to eat. You need to keep Freddy away from the balls by dropping them into flasks. Collect special items, visit magical places and gain extra points by hitting flying nuts.

Freddy app for Windows in the Windows Store

The Particles // The Particles is the definitive interactive guide to particle physics and the "theory of almost everything". Have you ever wondered what particle physics is, and why the Higgs Boson is so important? The Particles will help you discover in an interactive and fun way.

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Looking to incorporate digital learning in your math or science class? With virtual labs, personal tutors, apps, games and real-time chat capabilities, CINCH Learning from McGraw-Hill provides a number of innovative ways for math and science instructors to engage their students. Learn more here:

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iCircuit // iCircuit is the easy to use electronic circuit simulator and designer - the perfect tool for students, hobbyists, and engineers. Its advanced simulation engine can handle both analog and digital circuits and features realtime always-on analysis. It is the perfect companion to students, hobbyists, and engineers. You use it as you would any CAD program: you add elements, connect them together, and set their properties.

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Muscle and bone anatomy // An amazing reference for anyone interested in Flipboard is your personal magazine. It is the most popular way to catch up on the news you care about, read stories from around the world and browse the articles, videos and photos friends are sharing. To begin, pick a few topics and tap any of the tiles to begin flipping through your personal magazine.the human musculo-skeletal system. Featuring five different ways to learn about the body.

Muscle and Bone Anatomy 3D app for Windows in the Windows Store

Multiplication Tables // helps you practice multiplication sets by yourself or together with other people!

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Rocks of the Earth // This app gives information on different classifications of rocks, such as Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary. It also shows information on the rock cycle and the different major layers of the earth, such as the core, the mantle and crust. It's a great app for anyone interested in Geology.

Rocks of the Earth app for Windows in the Windows Store

A Level Physics // This app helps you learn A-level Physics in an interactive way. It comes with simulations where you can interact and investigate with different input values to help better understand the underlying concepts.

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Science ForKids // Science For Kids is to provide educational resources for teachers and parents that help make science fun and engaging for kids, taking important concepts and putting them into a form that kids can not only understand but also enjoy. Fun activities, facts, experiments can be the first step in fostering a desire among kids to learn more about science and technology, subjects that have practical applications in both careers and everyday life.

Science ForKids app for Windows in the Windows Store

Angry Birds Star Wars // JOIN THE ANGRY BIRDS IN THEIR BIGGEST ADVENTURE YET! A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... a group of desperate rebel birds faced of...

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Clean Energy // is an app where you can find the best and important and most useful methods to save energy. A complete and precise guide about saving energy, specially based on Power Consumption. Features: • Fully research based application to Saving Energy. • The Research results on How to save energy by applying most useful techniques. • Fully Different User Interface Designed.

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Star Chart // Explore the wonders of the Solar System with Star Chart, the definitive star gazing and astronomy app. From our own star - the Sun, to the moons of Jupiter and rings of Saturn, Star Chart gives you a virtual window into the visible universe. With over 4 million installs Star Chart is used by educators, amateur astronomers, parents, children and curious minds alike. Make the most of your powerful Windows 8 Augmented Reality enabled device and hold it up to the sky.

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TouchMol // help chemists to draw, share and search chemical and biological structures.

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