Daytripping to Truro with Elizabeth

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It's funny because there are several people in my zumba class that think they look like the person on the left but they are definitely Jim Carrey up and down!!!

I think this is true about any dance exercise program. I don't do Zumba, but this describes me when I do my dance exercises.

this makes me very happy.

I love Will Ferrell. Butts Below the Border // Will Ferrell brings his comedy (and unlikely body-image crusade) to Mexico.

How can you not love 80's hair?

Favorite “PINS” Thursday

In honor of my bad haircut : mullet family portrait.a mullet or did they just lose their combs?

Now? You want to talk now?

What do you mean by "I don't have time to read?" - cat reading the newspaper


wrong on so many levels! Spongebob Squarepants Tank Top - Stay Classy People of Walmart - Funny Pictures at Walmart

Jim Carey

Jim Carey, Vera de Milo from In Living Color This is my favorite skit.


Shoda Lueck this is me as Wonder Woman. Clearly I won't be dressing as Wonder Woman Crazy superhero costumes! Check them out!

Top 5 moments oscars 2014: The internet reacts to the Leonardo DiCaprio situation.

Top 5 moments oscars The internet reacts to the Leonardo DiCaprio situation.

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