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I love how provocative this photo is. And her dress is awesome. Very beautiful. Portrait - Boudoir - Lingerie - Black and White - Photography -

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Oct my love. There is that moment right before a kiss. We been there several times. I think of kissing you all the time . hope you have a great morning and know the love of your life is just a text away.

Liberator Ramp provides deep slop elevation. Lift your lovers hips to a strategic twelve inches for access at a critical angle to accentuate sensitivity. Increase penetration while exploring different positions. Liberator Ramp offers support with a deep slope elevation. It strategically lifts your lover's hips to an altitude of 12 inches, offering access at critical angles that accentuate sensitivity. It's time to teach your old doggie-style some new tricks.

- The Liberator Ramp offers support with deep slope elevation, strategically lifting your lover s hips to a Ramp-bunctious altitude of 12 inches. Teach your doggy style some new tricks with a supportive angle

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The Ape - kamasutra sex positionNo idea why it's called the ape sex position! You need to be more of a gymnast for this one.The man lies on his back and pulls his knees up to his chest.

L' #homme a-t-il un #pointG ? via @Medisite1

L' #homme a-t-il un #pointG ? via @Medisite1