Madison Elizabeth

Madison Elizabeth

Madison Elizabeth
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This would be the perfect tattoo to get to remember my dog by when he dies.

Paw + Heart ~ the other if the two possible paw prints. I really want a tattoo with the paw print an the name of each animal that I have that passes away throughout my lifetime.

Hope anchors the soul. Hebrews anchor , cross, heart - I kinda want this as a tattoo on my wrist! Any thoughts?

Girrie Bracelet in Golden Sunset

(Giraffe) Bracelet in Golden Sunset on Emma Stine Limited. I just can't tell if it's for children or if the size is listed incorrectly.

Infinity tattoos

This is what I'm thinking but "forever my always" and our date incorporated, on my ribs

DIY stuffed animal zoo by keeper of the cheerios  Made this for my daughters' stuffed animal collection... used pink bungee cord I bought off amazon

Perfect for those big kids that have a zoo of stuffed animals. For all those stuffed animals Mimi will be buying.LOL - Basic directions for building a stuffed animal storage "zoo" from The Keeper of the Cheerios: Addies Zoo

Tyler Oakley

TYLLLEEERRRR tyler oakley is by far the most adorable thing to ever happen to this planet