BORACAY VOWS Carpe Diem Chronicles 1

The first book in a series of romance novels set in Southeast Asia. Boracay is where Krista and Blake fall in love.
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there is a bowl of soup and a cookbook on the stove top next to it
BORACAY VOWS Recipe – Pork Sinigang
Boracay Vows recipe - Pork Sinigang
there is a book and some food on the plate with it's cover pulled up
BORACAY VOWS Recipe – Pancit Bihon
Boracay Vows recipe - Pancit bihon
Iza as Krista Romance Novels, Carpe Diem, Southeast Asia, Basketball Court, Romance
Iza as Krista
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Books, Each Day, Falling In Love, Keep Calm Artwork
Christian Louboutin, Pumps, Heels, Red Pumps, Ankle Strap
Boracay Vows Carpe Diem Chronicles 1 Blake And Ryan, Love Of A Lifetime, Reading Romance Novels, Never Been Kissed, Filipino Culture, Irish American, Vow Book, Book Things, Reading Romance
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Boracay Vows Carpe Diem Chronicles 1
a woman sitting on top of a wooden table wearing a white dress and necklace with her legs crossed
Bea as Krista
Bea in a bikini as Krista Celebrities, Beauty, Bea Alonzo, Japanese Girl, Real Life, Drama
Bea in a bikini as Krista
a woman with long brown hair wearing a pink top and gold necklace, standing in front of a white background
Bea as Krista
chicken and spinach soup in a skillet with the words flipping chicken tinola
Chicken Tinola Recipe -
Filipino Chicken Tinola
a hammock hanging between two palm trees on the beach with people in the water
Hammock at the beach