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Google Apps in Classrooms and Schools  - 32 Ways to Use Google Apps

One of the Great Levelers In-forming: Power searching allowed everyone to use the Internet as a "personal supply chain of knowledge.

Reading Response Questions Cards.... great for whole group questions and reading response... plot, author, setting, mood, character, and more!  $  Great to have on hand every day!

These Reading Response Question Cards are a great idea. You can hang them around your room and have children respond to questions off of them. They have my questions about the characters, plot and others!

roll and retell.pdf - Google Drive. We could roll the dice for book club discussions!

READING ACTIVITY An Apple For The Teacher: Roll and Retell - Building Summarizing, Communication, and Writing Skills after reading a book as a class students pair up or get in small groups and roll the dice and answer the questions.

School Library Decorating Ideas | Author Study leveled-classroom-library

Author Study-I love the idea of always keeping an active author study. There are so many great authors that I would love to introduce my kids to! These are great to set up after a read aloud so students can see more of the author's writings. {Image only}