So awesome!

A little kid’s brilliant invention…

In the age-old battle between book and bath, man has tried many things: the reading tray, the conveniently placed towel, the waterproof page. An eight-year-old has gone one better, inventing a device that suspends the book safely above the tub.


Funny pictures about Pikachu's Real Identity. Oh, and cool pics about Pikachu's Real Identity. Also, Pikachu's Real Identity photos.

sing from your heart Pikachu


Pokeball, you would only get this if you listened to Miley Cyrus's song Wrecking Ball.

Attack of the Pikachus!

Attack of the Pikachus! The one with the big eyes that's getting a kiss is my favorite. he's so confused.<<< there are so many pikachus!

A herd of Pikachu spotted in Japan

A Flock Of Pikachu Is What Heaven Looks Like

If you happened to be in Yokohama yesterday, then you might have noticed something incredibly adorable: a small "outbreak" of real-life Pikachu roaming around, being all cute.

This charmander cake by Bilybul is AMAZING! Can't even begin to describe how much I love this... (The others are great as well... Especially magikarp )

Funny pictures about Awesome Charmander Cake. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome Charmander Cake. Also, Awesome Charmander Cake photos.