** Recycled Bottle Fence Wall - Drill Hole In Each Bottle Then Run A Rebar Through It. @unconsumption

bottle fence - drill hole in each bottle and run a rebar through it. Lovely when the sun hits it. photo because I love the idea of creating a bottle-fence. (Remember this garden bottle-wall?

** Make A Bottle Flowerbed Using Recycled Glass Bottles @gardenfowl

How to build a hot bed out of recycled glass bottles DIY - The idea is simple: the sunlight warms up the air inside the glass and expands. The heated air is pushed through the bottle neck into the soil warming it, and the plant growing in the soil.

** Make Bottle Flowers For The Garden Using Recycled Glass Bottles  @felderrusing

Bottle Trees - a grouping of various garden stakes or short rebar is a great holding place for a small bottle collection

** Aluminum Rainbow Bottle Tree @amazonmetal

Aluminum Bottle Arch (tree)-love the recycling of glass bottles in the garden as sculptures!

** Make A Garden Screen Using Recycled Glass Bottles @fromthealleytothegallery

Different form of a wine bottle tree. Great blue accents for garden or as a dividing wall around a patio or deck. The sunlight shining through would be spectacular! All we need is a glass of wine to enjoy the beautiful setting!

** Make A Bottle Trees Out Of Recycled Wine Bottles  Garden Art @woohome

Truly Easy and Low-budget DIY Garden Art Flowers

** Recycled Wine Bottle Trees @wallacegardens

wine bottle watering device with copper tubing for container gardens, kitchen design, repurposing upcycling, The bottle is buried up to its neck once installed

** Bottle Tree Garden Art Made Out Of Recycled Glass Bottles @lifeatwilberrycottage

Bottle trees are everywhere where our beach house is in SC - they are an african-american folk/gullah art tradition to keep evil spirits away.may not work.but gives us a little of SC and our beach house ambiance_erica

** Sunflower Bottle Tree Garden Art Made Out Of Recycled Glass Bottles, PVC & Hubcaps @gardeners

Sunflower Bottle Tree Garden Sculpture - eclectic - garden sculptures - - by Gardener's Supply Company