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First Aid For Choking Infant and Child poster is describing emergency steps to help choking infant and child either in conscious state or unconscious state.

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I have this planned out for our Summer this year, not sure how it is going to go yet but I LOVE the idea. I did change Friday to "Fix and Finish" So we will either fix something that is broken or finish something we didn't get done during the week.

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16 Creative Ways To Keep Your Kid From Having A Meltdown While You Shop

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10 Ways to Practice Writing Your Name

Writing your name – and writing it properly is quite the accomplishment for our kids. Writing their name and labeling things as “theirs” is a big deal to kiddos. Help give them the confidence early with some of these Name Writing activities. Gel Bags. These are brilliant. Fill a giant ziplock bag with about half …

Kids Chore Chart: I like this one because it has a fines area. That way even if the kids do the activity if it isn't done when or how you would like there is a consequence. Plus my kids like seeing their money add up and having one big payday. It really is working well for us.