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+ A Serger Obsession: tips and tricks and anything you may need +

I (Irene @ am obsessed by my serger... And you? Do you have an overlocker? Are you dreaming of having one? Join us and learn all the tricks! Ask me to pin with us: just follow me and send me an email to with your Pinterest URL! ... happy serging to all!
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the SECRET to serging corners as easy as straight lines!!! Use this one tip and serging inward and normal corners will never be hard again!!

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Learn to serge in a free ebook download! Serge with an overlook machine will make all of your DIY projects easier and better! I love serging!!

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Flatlocking made easy

Serger Pepper // Flatlocking made easy, using a domestic overlocker. Flatlock seams’ most noticeable quality is that they have almost no bulk. You can see them in stretch sportswear, where s.a. in the inside of the garment may hurt athlete’s skin. With this kind of join, there are no seam allowances hanging around, they’re all wrapped inside the seam, with raw edges side by side. Learn how to set your machine and add this kind of seams to any of your creations, following this easy tutorial.

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Four Tips for Serging Bulky Knit Fabrics

How to Sew Knits with a Serger | Sewing with Jersey | Best Tips for Sewing Knits

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Did you know that you can use you serger to create a blind hem? This great blind hem tutorial video by Angela Wolf shows you how.

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How To Take Out A Serged Seam

Taking out sewn stitches is already aggravating enough but what when it comes to serged stitches? Here is how to take out a serged seam the right way!

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100 Useful Serger Tips, Serger Tutorials and Serger Projects Collection

100+ Serger Links: Serger Tips, Serger Tutorials, Serger Books, Serger Videos... Everything you need, all in one post (available in PDF too!)... only on

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Serger Techniques: More than Seam Finishes

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