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so true

so true

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Gun Laws


Just Call Me Cheap: Un-Inspirational Sayings...

This is me.

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Jelanie’s Friday Visual Greed

this is just too good to not post

Like (insert anime/fictional crush) and Beiber should be fictional.(Sorry, I just don't like him)

Teenager Posts Of The Week!

Flute Problems only the tubas air stays in the instrument while only half does for the flute

Happens to me from time to time. I should just wear a sign that says stay the hell away from me if you know what is good for you.

This is exactly how I read


I have one of these in my classes right now, he's got 6 of my 8 classes with me. Well done his mother, you, you should be very, very proud.

21 Things That Ought To Be More Socially Acceptable


ENTJ: "You did ask for my opinion"

ENTJ | Prelude Character Analysis


so true

omg this is so true

"We've got 12 minutes... Okay.... He can't be dead... This will resolve."

Teenager Post #11983 - When you mess up a guy's hair, he thinks it's cute, but when you mess up a girl's hair, just hope you're wearing something bulletproof. ~ Hahaha! Very true! Don't mess with my hair or tickle me.

deviantART: More Like Patrick's epic Derp face by Wowazowgirl

In Defense of the Defenseless

In Defense of the Defenseless