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Visit the best interior lighting design projects. Home lighting design is always peculiar, at our house we want to make it as special as possible .

Luna: A Lantern That Looks Like a Moon

want for my studio - Enter Luna, a little ball of light designed to look like the moon. Luna can illuminate your home, providing a thought-provoking ambiance. It’s made of glass fiber and non-toxic latex, with luminosity ranging from to

Lámpara hecha de brillantes y redondas servilletas.

18 asombrosas formas de hacer tus propias lámparas de papel

DIY Paper Mache Moon

Giant Paper Mache Moon Cardboard, plastic grocery bags, and masking tape are all you need to get started on your own giant paper mache moon!

Usted no creerá todas las cosas que se pueden hacer de un simple cartón de huevos. Estamos aquí para inspirar haces algo extraordinario fuera de sus cajas

17+ Ingeniosas Ideas con Cartón de Huevos

Take a look at our post Easter collection of DIY Egg Carton Crafts That Will Leave You Speechless and enjoy in the making of your own egg carton project.

Papel de desecho lámpara

Create your own DIY light to bring drama to any room. This simple DIY upgrade transforms a plain paper lantern into a designer-withy statement lamp.

Cuadernos de madera reciclada, la magia del craft elevada al cuadrado.

Product Details - Beautiful handcrafted / assembled wood cover journal - Cover Pages) - 80 blank sheets // 160 pages paper) - Cover is Laser cut on certified, sustainable wood thick) - Back cover is navy vinyl - Designed and crafted in Southern California

Jellyfish Chandeliers - Jellyfish Chandeliers - © 2015 Contemporary Chandelier Company

Weird but kind of cool - Jellyfish Chandeliers - Jellyfish Chandeliers - © 2015 Contemporary Chandelier Company

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If you don’t want a same light as someone else has, do it yourself. New York architect – Allison Patrick use paper cut to make this special light, you can do it too.

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Decoración con papel: lámparas de papel y más