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Pablo Neruda. Estoy completamente de acuerdo.

Pablo Neruda. Estoy completamente de acuerdo.

La vida sigue -dicen-, pero no siempre es verdad. A veces la vida no sigue. A veces solo pasan los días. Pablo Neruda

More Pablo Neruda genius; Life goes on -- they say--, but that is not always true. Sometimes life doesn't go on. Sometimes the days just pass by.

Collar de minerales - representación de chakras

Chakra Necklace Chakra Pendant Chakra Jewlery Yoga by terrabryn.This is nice, but the way I WOULD make this is with a little bit larger CRYSTAL beads in like graduating colors of blue, ending in like a turquoise.Think I'll do that!

pulsera de gamuza natural

PLEASE NOTE: the natural cord i have at the moment is lighter than the one photographed beachcomber natural faux wool suede wrap bracelet with 5

wrap de atun: mezcla tu aderezo favorito al atún, añade tomate, zanahoria y aguacate.

Are your kids tired of having sandwiches? Shake things up with these 8 healthy wraps for lunch! Filling, nutritious, and super tasty.


Simple and Healthy School Lunch Ideas. 5 days worth of lunch ideas here that look great. Also like the idea of Jell-O in one compartment. My kids would flip for that. I use the Ziploc containers for our lunches.