elementos naturales para calados texturas

Prop Styling - Candles and Flowers // Brooklyn Candle Studio: Photostyling, Styling Using florals in this way for flat lays

Concept Branding and Packaging: ‘Beehive Honey Squares’

Concept Branding and Packaging: ‘Beehive Honey Squares’ - This design caught my eye, because it is simple and unique. I like how the bear looks like it has a mouthful of honey squares.

Standard Dress Shirt - eliminating excess packaging / by Jille Natalino, Elizabeth Kelley, Rob Hurst, Joanna Milewski, via Behance. Very cool packaging design

Label / vegetables

Transparent Labels on Behance. Love these packaging labels by Mihaly Molnar Megyeri New York, NY. Good idea for honey packaging

原创作品:七索地产篇 鼎元别院

Original works: Seven articles Ding Yuan Cable estate other homes; The soft and calming nature of both the shades of green and blue affect the emotions invoked when the viewer examines this piece

Floral typo

Flora (n.) Origin—from Flora, Roman goddess of flowers Definition—plant life; plants of a particular region or period Ex.—Pollution is harming not only the residents in the city but also its flora and fauna.