American Girl Hair Styles

American Girl Hair Styles

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Cross over pigtails

AmericanGirlFan: Doll Hairstyle: Cross-Braid Pigtails!

Doll Hairstyle: Rainbow French Ponytail! | AmericanGirlFan | Bloglovin'

Doll Hairstyle: Rainbow French Ponytail! (AmericanGirlFan)

AG doll's hairstyles for Easter-Elizabeth's bun

AmericanGirlFan: American Girl Doll Hairstyles For Easter

The Spicys!: Let's style the Gibson Tuck!

Yeah, it's not July anymore, but I guess I could still use this sometime.


braided bun tutorial. very easy

Doll Hairstyle: Fancy Braided Bun Updo!

American Girl Hairstyle Fishtail Braid 2

Doll Hairstyle: How to do a Fishtail Braid!


A Hairstyle with Fun Details from Every Side

Doll Hairstyle: half-up twists

Doll Hairstyle: Half-up Twists! (AmericanGirlFan)

Fabric butterfly - good for using fabric scraps! Cute idea!


How to make ribbon hairties for your dolls

AmericanGirlFan: Doll Craft: How to Make Ribbon Hairties!

Flip braid tutorial - 3 styles

AmericanGirlFan: 3 Ways: Flip Braid Doll Hairstyle!

Great site, with info on taking care of doll hair, cleaning of doll bodies, etc...SKIP THE EXPENSE OF THE DOLL SALON!

Just Magic: Hair Care 101

New American Girl Doll Hairstyles ~Disney Frozen Elsa ~ Inspired By Cute...

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Easy Hair-Do for Dolls

Easy Easter Hair-Do for Dolls

Hair styling "tips" for Addy, Sam, Felicity & Molly/Kirsten, apparently scanned from AG pamphlets!

American Girls Collection: Hair styling tips

Doll Hairstyle: Braided Ponytail Flip!

AmericanGirlFan: Doll Hairstyle: Braided Ponytail Flip!

Curious about Addy's hair? Beforever American Girl Doll Addy Walker New Meet Hairstyle…: Taking her hair down video by AGOSF

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Triple Twist Ponytail

AmericanGirlFan: Doll Hairstyle: Triple Twist Ponytail!

How to cut Bangs on Dolls - TheEternalSnowKiss on YouTube.

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Instructions for a French Braid Headband for Dolls

French Braid Headband for Dolls


AmericanGirlFan: Doll Hairstyle: Easy Pull Through Braid!

3 ways to style French Braids for short haired dolls on our blog

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How to make a doll French Braid

AmericanGirlFan: Doll Hairstyle: How to do a French Braid!

American Girl Valentine's Day Doll Hairstyle

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