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Developing the Optimal Value Proposition

The optimal value proposition creates vale for the customer, collaborators, and the company. This post helps business create the optimal value proposition.

Share of Wallet Formula and Calculator - Marketing Binder - Marketing Tips

three-step writing process business communication header

The three-step writing process helps business writers write effective communication. The more one uses the process, the more automatic it becomes.

markets exchange relationships

Marketing 101 lesson presents an understanding of how Exchanges and Relationships work with Markets to deliver customer goods.

How to Easily Gauge Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Using the Net Promoter Score, you can easily gauge customer loyalty and satisfaction for your business, product, or service.


Using Guerrilla Marketing tactics, learn how to steel customers away from anchor stores and restaurants using this daily marketing tip.

Writing Marketing Communication Objectives

marketing communication objectives are determined by problems the target or product category may encounter and any market opportunities the product has to.

Top Brands Worldwide in 2016

Top Brands Worldwide in 2016 by Forbes Magazine. Marketing Binder lists the top 25 worldwide top brands and ad dollars spent for the top 25 brands.