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Why Does Stockinette Stitch Curl?

How to Keep Stockinette Stitch From Curling

Fix a dropped knitting stitch. Hand or Machine Knitting

Fix a dropped knitting stitch. Hand or Machine Knitting

Bubble stitch instructions

More knit bubbles «

Knitted Veil-Stitch tutorial

How to Knit the Veil Stitch

Knitting Tips- for a fresh start or refresher..

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31 Days to Get Organized: Quick links to every post in this blog series to help get your knitting and crochet life organized!

WEBS Yarn Store Blog » 31 Days to Get Organized: Wrap Up!

How to place beads in knitting, Cat Bordhi - Crochet hook method and dental floss threader method

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Drop Stitch by Atomicblue - YouTube

Drop Stitch Atomicblue Style!

Balls to the Walls Knits: Madeira Mesh Cowl

Madeira Mesh Cowl

Mrs. Davenport's Mesh -- read the notes! ROW 1 (RS): *K1, place resulting st back on left needle without twisting, k1, rep. from * to end. ROW 2 (WS): *P1, place resulting st back on left needle without twisting, p1, rep. from * to end. (also lovely garter version)

Mrs. Davenport’s Mesh – Laylock Knitwear Design

▶ CONTINENTAL: Loop stitch - YouTube

Loop stitch

▶ How to Knit Loopy Stitch - The Easy Way, Tutorial by Jessica Joy - YouTube


▶ Spring Stitch - YouTube

Spring Stitch - YouTube

Mr. Micawber's Recipe for Happiness: More About MMABO ~ Purling and Ribbing

MMABO: Purling and Ribbing

Size 8 needles, CO 19 sts, Row 1: K, Row 2: K1 *yo, k2tog.* Repeat from * to * across. Row 3: Knit Row 4: *Sl 1, K1, psso, yo.* Repeat from * to * across to last stitch. Knit last stitch. Repeat Rows 1-4 until almost out of yarn. Bind off. Weave ends. Lightly block if needed.

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Crochet a bobble into your knitting

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▶ Tinking: Removing Stitches in Knitting - YouTube

Tinking: Removing Stitches in Knitting

▶ CONTINENTAL: 2 Easy & Elegant Stitch Patterns - 2 Row pattern #1: Row 1, K, Row 2,* K1, sly purl wise, K1* repeat across.

2 Easy & Elegant Stitch Patterns

▶ CONTINENTAL (Loop stitch) - Embossed Knitting Pattern- YouTube

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▶CONTINENTAL: Knitting Bobbles and how to knit backwards (so you don't have to turn your work) from Eunny Jang - YouTube

Knitting Bobbles from Getting Started Knitting with Eunny Jang

▶ CONTINENTAL: How to Knit 3 different Bobbles - YouTube

How to Knit Bobbles

CONTINENTAL knit a double stockinette band. RS pick up # of sts from edge. we used DK weight, sz 7 needle. We pick up 5 sts per ". If using fingering wt use sz 2 nil n pick up 7-8 sts per ". Row 1 (WS): k1tbl, *yo, k1tbl*, repeat *-* 2 end of row. Sts on needle r doubled. Row 2 (RS), k all yo n slip the p with YIF. Row 3 WS K all slp sts n slip the p with yif. Continue Row 3 to desired width. Bind off from WS by P2 tog, P2tog, slp preceding st over as a normal bind off.

DROPS Knitting Tutorial: How to knit double stockinette band

▶ CONTINENTAL vertical knitted buttonhole (NO AUDIO) Hole is built around a doubled small length of yarn the same as the band. Put as many sts on the doubled extra yarn to match the width of the button, start n stop with a P st. Then co the same # of sts as replacement around the other side of the extra yarn. After working a few more rows, take the 2 open ends on the extra yarn n pull thru loop, tighten up the hole, don't over tighten. Weave ends in later.

DROPS Crafting Tutorial: How to make button holes vertical

▶ CONTINENTAL Knitting one-row button holes - YouTube

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▶ CONTINENTAL: How to Knit the Purl Stitch YouTube

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