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Food: The 21 Day Sugar Detox Diet

Foods and recipes you can have on the 21 day sugar detox diet

Chocolate Mousse (no added sugar) - luscious, healthy, kid-friendly treat. 3 ingredients

Cut 1 Cup Sugar in 1 Day | Cut Back on Hidden Sugar |

Easy Ways to Kick Your Sugar Addiction

coconut flour pizza crust- a new regular to our menu!

Cheesy Baked Tomatoes Recipe

Carb Free Cloud Bread ~ amazing find ~ this will fit into the sugar detox diet. My sweetner of choice would be Stevia.

  • Cindy Hughes

    This looks like the long ago version of the Atkins diet bread.

  • Lucia  Kaiser / Design by Lucia

    This diet is very similar to Atkins. When I went on the Atkins diet years ago, I did a 2 week detox like this. Dr. Atkins book was more informative than the rumors regarding his diet.

Made this salad 2 days in a row. Super delicious and healthy

Spring Soup ~ this will fit into the 21 day detox as long as you substitute heavy cream for the half and half. (hard to believe, isn't it?)

Springtime Asparagus Omelet

Asparagus Vinaigrette with hard boiled eggs

Asparagus with Toasted Almonds

Garden Fresh Gluten-Free Tomato Basil Soup

Steamed Greens with Caramelized Leeks: Make this dish at the start of the evening, and leave it in the pan to be reheated when you’re ready to eat.