Avatar the last airbender

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Avatar: The Last Airbender I like this, but I am annoyed that two sections are incorrect (they use two different people instead of one person in different scenarios).

Cabbage-bending is best bending.

Funny pictures about Avatar Wisdom. Oh, and cool pics about Avatar Wisdom. Also, Avatar Wisdom.

Repinly || The Last Airbender Bending Scrolls

The Last Airbender Element Bending Instructions. I want this as a poster for my walls!

The characters

I love how Sokka is sitting there staring at a piece of paper on Toph's head. Even when holding people, Sokka will never stop his relentless planning.the BOLDER is strong 💪

Lightning Bending Scroll by Jeffrey-Scott.deviantart.com on @deviantART

It is the Lightning Bending Scroll. This is based on the Waterbending Scroll seen in the TV.

When I say Avatar

Please understand when I say Avatar, I'm referring to the last air bender not that blue monkey movie.surprising how true this is in my house!<<<----- I'm sorry, as a fan of both. Avatar has the Na'vi. Avatar the Last Airbender.

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An interesting bending chart showing the interconnectedness of the 4 elements. The flow of this is very alchemical in nature.


Avatar the Last Airbender/ The Legend of Korra: bending chart.<<< there were really this many types of bending? I need to catch up

Toph = Badass<<<	i miss this show!

The best of Toph, blind jokes are the best <<<my sister is blind in one eye and almost in the other and toph was and still is her favorite character. She uses blind jokes all the time!

The 4 basic bendings.. i think i would be a water bender or a earth bender  laugh out loud whered this come from pin if u know like if not cause idk!

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water: One An elemental circle cast; a breath of all being. This is a primordial sense of unity from the oldest paths of wisdom

Why we love LOA

Some of the many, many reasons we love Avatar! Some of these made me laugh so hard! (I love how when you're in a fandom, these random little phrases that make no sense to anyone else bring a whole story line and strong range of emotions to you).

This part makes me laugh every time, even though I know it's coming. Ah ha ha! Leave it to Iroh to see the truth!

Avatar the Last Airbender: One of the many reasons we love Uncle Iroh. Literally my sister!

You've been Stumbled!

Rings for each element in Avatar: the last airbender (atla air fire water earth aang korra four elements greek metal elemental jewelry four nations fandom white lotus ootwl air nomad fire nation earth kingdom water tribe) THE GEEK IN ME

Things we've learned from Sokka

10 Things We Can All Learn From "Avatar's" Sokka

10 Things We Can Learn From Sokka // Avatar the Last Airbender -- Sokka is brilliant