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It is through the ordinary and mundane activities of our lives that God speaks the loudest!
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"What’s the background of the Book of Revelation? What’s the story behind this mysterious text? In this week’s video, we are on site in Pergamon, looking for answers to these questions. We will look at the influence that the imperial cult had on that city. We will also look at the impact it had on the Christians that lived there. And we will look at how this led to John writing his letter to that church.'
us constitution
"In one of our most important Universal History episodes yet, Richard Rohlin takes us through the origin of nationalism, what nations are, what they need to exist, and where they come from. How do these narratives about identity fit into what we have been calling Universal History? And how can we properly participate in the world around us?"
man walks from new technology
We are so used to hearing the negative aspects of technology like how social media is corrupting culture and AI will destroy us here is a wondeful example of how technology has made a big different in someones life!
the osage indians
It does not take much comparison to see how Killers of the Flower Moon, The Osage Murders is very much like the "Black Wall Street Massacre" that took place in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1921. Native Americans and Black Americans have long been the targets of evil and greed in America. The plight of Native Americans even today is tragic. Black Americans continue to die in police shootings and other violence...
to god be the glory
"Dr. Gladys McGarey, a centenarian still-practicing doctor and the mother of holistic medicine, reveals her powerful and life-changing secrets for how to live with joy, vitality, and purpose at any age."
gabor mate
I can't prescribe, nor should anyone prescribe for anyone else what their authenticity should look like, but for most people, it's going to be shining in a number of different dimensions." —Dr. Gabor Maté
dillon reeves High School Football Player, School Superintendent, Steve Reeves, Superman Lois, Quick Thinking, Robert D, School Bus Driver, Spring Into Action, Real Hero
"Young Dillon Reeves stepped in to save the day when his school bus driver became incapacitated following a medical emergency. Correspondent Steve Hartman talked with Reeves, and his parents, about why the Warren, Michigan, middle school student was able to spring into action while so many other kids could not."
Fatal Fictions of Our Time Today most people are unconcerned about eternity, unconcerned with God, sin, and the second coming of Christ. These are fatal fictions. Judgement is at our door! Do we notice? Let us then eat, drink and tell stories, laugh, watch TV, marry and give in marriage unmindful and unprepared for anything. Unconcerned, Unprepared, Judgement, Wake Up, Sins, Eternity, Christ, Evil, Two By Two
Fatal Fictions of Our Time Today most people are unconcerned about eternity, unconcerned with God, sin, and the second coming of Christ. These are fatal fictions. Judgement is at our door! Do we notice? Let us then eat, drink and tell stories, laugh, watch TV, marry and give in marriage unmindful and unprepared for anything.
Next to God, the mother's power for good is the strongest known on earth. Her smile, her encouragement, may be an inspiring force. Her influence will reach on through time into eternity Ellen G White.
spring flowers Bible Verses About Mothers, Mothers Day Poems, Mothers Day Pictures, Happy Mother Day Quotes, Mother Day Wishes, Mothers Day Crafts For Kids, Blessed Mother, Mothers Day Cards, Mothers Love
We live in a culture of entitlement. The family, mothers and fathers have been degraded and diminished. But the family was God's idea and blessing for us. So on Mother’s Day, it’s too easy to believe the marketing slogans that we are entitled to feel significant and worthy through elaborate displays of appreciation...
people walking up hill Make Good Choices, Busy Life, 5 Hours, Obedience, Getting Out, Surveys, I Got This, Lazy
I have used the excuse of I am to busy to get out of doing many things and so have you. Perhaps I really was too busy but ultimately that is often a case of us being to lazy (or to tired, I get it) to make good choices. No one complains about life being to slow! Recent surveys discovered these averages among adults, Social media: 5 hours 32 minutes..
painting of the acadians Zydeco Music, Music Genres, Clifton, Creole, Cajun, Identity, Language, Express, Human
I grew up in Texas and remember watching Clifton Chenier play Zydeco on TV. Those were the days of three TV networks, the world was a lot smaller then. This music genre is full of the energy and flavor we find in that area of our nation. To begin to understand the region we should look briefly at the language and history.
the white house Tyranny, Democracy, Us Political Parties, Trump Book, Two Party System, Political Reform, John Kasich, 21st Century Fox, Voting System
Has America decayed to such a point that a small minority of rebellious citizens is holding sway over the nations future? Most of you are just trying to make ends meet, make a living, survive your adversities, feed your children etc.
open hebrew bible Dallas Willard, Joni Eareckson Tada, Scripture, Bible, Spiritual Formation, John Macarthur, Think Deeply, Knowing God, Way Of Life
Helping Your Daughter Navigate Friendships - Dannah Gresh Popular author and speaker Dannah Gresh returns to give great advice for girls and their mothers! Describing some of the challenges young girls face, Dannah exposes the lies they are being told about their friendships, themselves, and God. Closer to Truth What Would Transhuman Brains Mean? How brain enhancements can correct disabilities is an important question. But not a Closer To Truth question. What happens to personal identity?
american flag Mental Health Care, Healthcare System, Welfare, Mental Illness, Dominant, Obama, Government, Society
For far to long our American culture has willfully placed profits over the welfare of the people in our communities. The government through programs like "Obama Care" has mde it impossible for helath care systems to make mental health care profitable. Yet the health care systems themselves will not relinquish any of their profits to help the communities with those in need of mental health care. As God has been systematically removed from society and the family is no longer dominant in culture..
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All of you know as burned out, frustrated and distracted Americans how difficult it is for most to give any attention to Holy Scripture. We have so filled our lives with what we consider necessary that God and His Word have been given the status of lesser importance. As our cultural significance has faded and churches have in many cases been reduced to social centers that talk about Jesus we find ourselves in a pickle! Now we can blame "the church" and by that i mean the pastors, the..
book cover Catechism, The Kingdom Of God, Modern Life, Hardcover Book, Anxious, Alan, Book Worth Reading, Beliefs
To whom do YOU belong? Have you started your day weary and burned out thinking it is you and only you that must make your day and your life work? Alan Noble helps us see that this cultural fallacy is killing us because the reality is we do not belong to ourselves and no matter how smart or strong we are we cannot make it through life under our own power, we will fail or worse. You belong to God!..
keanon hurst Behind Bars, Midwestern, Drugs Abuse, Hurst, Seminary, A Decade, Nebraska, Campus
Having spent over a decade of time behind bars, coupled with a long history of drug abuse, Keanon Hurst is perhaps one of the last people you would expect to find on Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s campus, let alone behind a pulpit. A native of eastern Nebraska, Keanon describes himself in childhood as “the outcast who would do and say things to just get attention.”..
timothy keller Book Of Joshua, Tim Keller, Look At The Book, Effective Prayer, Critical Theory, Prayer List, Abba Father
"In the sixth episode of the Gospel in Life series "Discovering the Gospel in Every Book of the Bible", Tim Keller looks at the book of Joshua. Each episode from this series will highlight themes that point to the Gospel and help you discover the overarching narrative of God’s Word in every book — Christ coming into the world to save us from our sins and reconcile us to God the Father."
carpenter at work How To Make Image, Gardening Tips, Woodworking Plans, Mission, Home And Garden, How To Plan, Easy, Wood Effect Worktops, Woodworking Projects
"Being made in God's image makes us makers."
american flag Patriotic Pictures, Patriotic Art, Patriotic Fabric, Eagle Pictures, Patriotic Quotes, Patriotic Symbols, I Love America, God Bless America, America America
In this episode of the Constitution Line By Line, Senator Mike Lee covers Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, which is also known as the enclave clause. In this clause, Congress was given the authority to establish what would become Washington DC as the seat of the national government.
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In my retirement I teach one day a week as an art teacher at a local private Christian school. One of my main concerns especially in art class is the inability of most children to think independently, to make a decision on thei own. Some children simply freeze up or just sit and look at the paper. This coddling of our children is making them incacpable of independent thinking. If they continue this way they will be dysfunctional adults incacpable of self-reliant thinking and behavior..
logo kyle pease foundation Mcfarland, The Life, Physics, Mental, Matter, Challenges, Community
Most of us have challenges in life. physical, mental or both. And many of us complain about circumstances that we should not complain about. God gives each of us our place in time and in the family, community and circumstances He desires us to be in within His story, the story of Christ over all things. We should take time to consider and help those whom God places in front of us no matter their situation or circumstance..
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If you haven't noticed lately people are getting shot and killed for knocking on the wrong door or pulling into the wrong driveway. More and more guns don't seem to be protecting Americans in any way. And the sad reply of the NRA that all we need is more good guys with guns has become the cry of fools. I believe we all should have our second amendment right to bear arms. .