Penguin and Baby

Cute baby Penguin but that ain't the mom its the dad if u watch happy feet u would know that

Hippo and hitch hiking crocodile

A baby crocodile climbed on top of a hippo mistaking it for a rock. Even after the hippo moved, the crocodile stayed on for 15 mins before climbing off Photo by Richard Miller Kruger National Park, South Africa

Gue kira cuma ada di film doang...   :D

Here are some Awesome Perfectly Timed Sun Photography. The focus of these photos is the Sun and the other subjects can be versatile things or even humans.

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A mother polar bear and her cub, cudding

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Cute Baby Polar Bear Cubs cuddling in the concave ice showing off their gorgeous white fur blending perfectly into the crisp snow.

Parental protection.

Parental protection.