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I'm out to prove that a good obituary doesn't have to be dull—it can tell a fresh, colorful story about your loved one's unique life. Visit…
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From the Death Desk: Why Most Obituaries Are Still of White Men (Published 2018)
NY Times obits will continue to focus on white men, says the obituaries editor, because men have been the "prominent shapers of society." In other words, suck it up, ladies.
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Virtual Memorial Websites and Apps • How to Write an Online Obituary
The most complete list of virtual memorial services (websites and apps) on the web. Free downloadable spreadsheet. No registration require. No malware, stealthware, or crapware attached. No catch.
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Geofilters Create Custom Geofenced Funeral Stickers • How to Write an Online Obituary
Use geofilters to customize a geofenced funeral sticker. Here's how.
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Image Orientation for Online Memorials • How to Write an Online Obituary
One aspect of image optimization is image orientation: horizontal, vertical, square, or panoramic (banner). Here's how to choose.
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Grandmother's Obituary Used to Scold Sinners • How to Write an Online Obituary
An obituary shouldn't be a platform for hatred, shame, or guilt. But when emotions run high and time runs short, people write obits they may later regret.
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Sample Mindmap for a Father's Obituary • How to Write an Online Obituary
A Mindmap Helps You Get Started Writing an Obituary...A mindmap or wordcloud is a visual collection of 10 or 12 specific details about your loved one. Later, you’ll create a draft simply by turning each of the words and phrases on your mindmap into a sentence.
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Dear Johann: Obituary Tradition in Iceland • How to Write an Online Obituary
DEAR JOHANN...The people of Iceland have kept up a lovely tradition of writing letter-style obituaries, in which the obituarist speaks directly to the obituee. Each decedent, then, ends up having several obituaries written for him by various friends, colleagues, and family members. This popular practice is called “writing after” the deceased person. Major daily newspapers in …
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Digital Objects Are a Virtual Rip-Off • How to Write an Online Obituary
Virtual Roses Are a Virtual Rip-Off...If you have cash to burn, by all means—light a candle for the low, low price of ten bucks a month. If you decide to keep it, you’ll pay not $100…not $80…not even $59.99. If you light a perpetual candle today, you’ll pay just $50! Hurry, offer ends soon. (Terms and conditions apply. See your webmaster and payday lender for details.)
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Do Obituary Templates Shortchange the Dead? • How to Write an Online Obituary
Look, I get it. The idea of filling in a few factoids is a lot more appealing than the prospect of starting an obituary from scratch. You’re in good company: According to Google Trends (see above), the search term “obituary template” is way more popular than “obituary writing.” If your loved one had a generic personality and lived a cookie-cutter life, by all means—use a boilerplate template. It’ll capture your loved one’s uniqueness with all the joy of a 1040 form, minus the refund.
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Quick-Start Guide to Obituary Writing (Free!) • How to Write an Online Obituary
For an obit that doesn't sound like a résumé, download our one-page guide to obituary writing. We'll show you how to write a fresh, original online tribute.
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Crowdfunding Pays for Funerals After Disaster • How to Write an Online Obituary
Texas families who have lost loved ones or homes in the recent post-Harvey flooding are turning to crowdfunding to pay funeral or living expenses.
The Simple Mistake That Guarantees a Schmaltzy Obituary Instagram, Parents, Single Parenting, What Baby Needs, Bedtime Routine, Parenting, Baby Needs, Sleeping Through The Night, How To Fall Asleep
This Mistake Guarantees a Schmaltzy Obituary
The Simple Mistake That Guarantees a Schmaltzy Obituary
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Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers
Shadow Box Ideas: Display precious firsts or family recipes
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50+ Things to Make From Your Photos
DIY Family Tree Shadow Box -
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Unique Ideas turning a Funeral into a Celebration of Life- Get Creative with Photos
A great way to display photos for a memorial service while creating a family heirloom at the same time