Roses, hydrangea, dahlia & ranunculus.

I really like this one

Smart girl's guide to seating charts - easier than erasing a million times! @Britney Beausoleil


This one is really pretty!

This one is pretty for Mel

Different view of the hairstyle Em liked


Isle Runner

Isle runner

photobooth sign

IDEA-----> DIRT CAKE CUPS?!?!? YES!!!! ...Not even for the wedding...just YES!

I love peonies! Smell amazing!!

Kind of cute for the table

Bride's Crew: Custom Junior Fit Bella Sheer Longer Length Rib Racerback Tank Top - Bridal Party Tees

or this.....

We HAVE to get something like this for your wedding!!!

I think this is my favorite one so far.....but maybe with little blue flowers wrapped around?

I know that your boquet is supposed to be real flowers, but I like the look of this one

Another option for your hair if you want it down....its so pretty from the back!

Blue Delphinium

Another theme idea.....the books could be classic love stories and your theme could be "our love is timeless"

This is the cutest idea ever!! You guys have to do this!