Oh god that's sad but so good for a story!

Sounds a tad difficult to base an entire story off of, but I could totally see it as a super neat plot point in a story.

Exactly!! Plus no matter how drunk, or provocative someone is dressed there not asking for it, if they were asking for it, it wouldn't be called rape! I want us all safe.

If you're promoting changes to women's behavior to "prevent" rape, you're really saying, "Make sure he rapes the other girl.>>> What we should be doing is making sure no one rapes anyone, tell guys to back the fuck off from girls.

Did you read the fireheart chapter?

Amren, Mor and Feyre

Incorrect Quotes Of A Court Of Mist And Fury — thegirlinthefandom: Smol feminist male bats from.


pablob-: “ Cropped version of a sketchy little Feyre I did! (I’ll try to finish it properly, colour and all) Yesterday I finished ACOMAF and ALL THE FEELS! What an Amazing story! I can’t wait till ACOWAR! Feyre, the fox in the chicken coop!


I would not want an impulsive and rash ex assassin who is barely 20 ruling over my country.


Dorian, Throne of glass

Throne of Glass Series character sketchdump by Zombie-Sasquatch

maas Throne of Glass Series character sketchdump

Charlie Bowater

charliebowater: “The first rough sketches for my ginormous montage piece I’m working on to celebrate ACOWAR! I finished the book earlier in the week and after exhausting all the tears in my body, I’m.


Omfg how is my heart still even alive


Aedion and Rowan


And they're all cursing fricking Elena who screwed up Aelin's court

No one is ever gonna lert this go.

Let's just all appreciate the fact hat Dorian is a beautiful angel who loves and supports his friends.


For the people who can’t watch the video right now, here is the scroll down version!


*sobs in the distance*