Lioness with her cub

The Tiny Tiger

Buffalo and baby

Buffalo Mom and Baby. Awesome pin, my Dad & Mom use to raise buffalo's & nothing cuttier than a baby buffalo.

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* * KITTEN: " Meez mau-ma toles me, if yoo hang wif eagles, yoo willz soar to great heights, but if yoo run wif dogs yoo willz learn to bark. Me willz choose to hangs outz wif eagles.

Indira, a bengal white tigress, lies down with one of her three cubs at the zoo of Cali, Colombia, on February 6, 2014. The three cubs were born on November 30, 2013

A white tiger with baby cub. The white tiger is not an albino as they simply carry a pigment that makes their fur white. White tigers are not easily hidden and have to work harder for their food. The white tiger is primarily found in India.

cutest endangered species_ Sand cats The smallest of all wild cats, sand cats are the size of domestic cats and are found in the deserts of northern Africa and central Asia.

10 of the cutest endangered species

Rare sand cat kittens born in Israel's Zoological Center of Tel Aviv, a country where they've been extinct for 12 years.

What a beauty

Oh my oh my oh my, blue eyes and pink toesies. Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!

Goodnight my little one

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Africa | 'Makulu Mfasi' Lioness with her cubs drinking. Entabeni Game Reserve, South Africa | © M Sole on

Lioness and cubs. Now try to get to one of Lions or the cubs! She is fully awake and watching you! Lionesses Arise

Adorable kittens

Adorable kittens

Adorable little kitten... He blinks!!!♥️ #PersianCat

Adorable little kitten... He blinks!!!♥️ #PersianCat