HAHAHAHA!!! this is what you get for being a nonfandom member

Hahah Panic at the Disco.I totally started singing this but then it said normal size and it totally threw me off.<<<same and no it isn't a secret code, but wouldn't it be great if there was a Panic! at the Disco secret society

They really are best friends and Patrick was there for Pete during his depression which I think is awesome #BROTP

Every emo has a sunshiny friend. Its like, the logics of emoness.<<<<<you can be that sunshiny friend and still be slightly emo.


So true, if you insult any of my favourite bands I hope you die. Regretting everything you ever said about that band!

The world needs to listen to Brendon Urie

The world needs to listen to Brendon Urie // yeah I don't like the term trash. It just seems very self deprecating to me.

Right in my teenage angst ridden feels

Fall out boy (and mcr) will forever be my favorite band .

It's getting too cold for some of the killjoys.

by ~dragon-flies on deviantART>>> omg umbrella academy>>moikey is cold I wanna hug him