My Ultimate Chairish Living Space

My fantasy room furnished exclusively from #chairish
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a living room filled with lots of furniture and decor items on top of a rug
What my room could look like #Chairish
a multicolored area rug with different colored squares on the top and bottom of it
Multicolor Turkish Patchwork Rug - 4' 11" x 7' 6" #Chairish
two blue and red pillows on a white background
Decorative Pillows
Over Dyed Turkish Pillows - A Pair #Chairish
a white chair with blue cushion on it's back and arm rests against a white background
Accent Chairs
Vintage Chippendale Style Arm Chair in White #Chairish
a glass bowl that is sitting on top of a white surface with flowers in the center
Decorative Bowls
Pressed Paua Shell Bowl #Chairish
a white planter with ornate designs on the rim and sides, set against a white background
three wooden objects including a hat, and two metal knobs are on display against a white background
Decorative Objects
Millinery Forms on Industrial Bases - Set of 3 #Chairish
a tall metal object on a white background with clippings to the top and bottom
Decorative Objects
Paramount Co. Industrial Aluminum Stocking Form #Chairish
a small metal fan sitting on top of a blue stand
Decorative Objects
Vintage Turquoise Oscillating Fan #Chairish
a statue of a cow standing on top of a rock
Decorative Objects
Antique Concrete Pig Statuary #Chairish