Toledo es conocida por sus pequeñas calles y catedrales.

Joseph J Abhar - Rain in Toledo, Spain Known for their narrow streets and beautiful church's that have a pretty cool history on how they were made.

Catedral de Toledo. España. Lugar a visitar desde Villa Nazules

Cathedral of Toledo - Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

Torre de la Catedral. Toledo, Spain

A famous Medieval city near Madrid on the Tajo River. It is important in metalwork , fine steel ,and exquisite jewelry.

Toledo, España.

A place that has been on my bucket list since I learned about El Greco and his art and must visit one day! Came close in July 2012 but needed more time in Spain!

La puerta de Toledo, España

Gateway of Toledo, Spain Puerta del Cambrón, Toledo, Spain.

Toledo, España.

Toledo Spain: My favorite small city. The cobblestones, bridges, alleys, balconies, shops and churches tucked into each other was like walking through a storybook. It was the last city we visited before heading back to Madrid to leave Spain.

Plaza de Zocodover y Alcázar. toledo España

Plaza de Zocodover y Alcázar. toledo España

Toledo. España

This is Toledo Spain. I've never heard of Toledo until a last week when I saw it in the travel section of the newspaper. It sounds amazing!