One Direction | Made In The A.M. |

I am obsessed with this album! My fave songs are never enough and if I could fly! comment down below what your fave song from the album are!

Not sure if this is real, but please be cautious.

Please share, if this is true, we really do need prayer warriors to stand against the spirits of addiction and pharmakia and witchcraft in our neighborhoods. Have fun but use wisdom on Halloween!<<<THIS IS WHY I DON'T EAT GUMMY BEARS!

One Direction | Perfect |

One of the boys most likely wrote this but I wanna wonder who it's about. If it's a girl I am so jealous. lyrics too good bruff!

One Direction | Perfect BTS | @emrosefeld |

One Direction-Perfect << I'm so glad they finally made a song about THEM being perfect. us fans aren't the ONLY perfect ones, boys! << I love Niall's socks

"perfect" is out October 16 !!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh

Currently in a contest to win tickets for the emas! Wish me luck! Ed is hosting with ruby rose! And the boys might be there too! This might be my only chance to see them. Let's hope I win !That would be amazing!

One Direction

This is my absolute favorite fan art. This is so extraordinharry,brilliam,fabulouis,phenominiall and amazayn