Non...on. est pas vénère c'est juste un joli poême pour nos tous petits . ...

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J'entends ta voix dans tous les bruits du monde. (I hear your voice in all of the world's noise.) -Paul Éluard, French poet

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The truth of tomorrow thrives on yesterday's error - Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Un peu d'indulgence pour la rentrée (A little indulgence for back to school) Les erreurs sont la preuve que l'on essaye, (Errors are the proof that we have tried it.)

"dans la maison de mes rêves il pleut de bonheur de toutes les couleurs." : in the house of my dreams it rains happiness of all the colors.

What if you had a character who only cursed in French? Say... never was allowed to due to support strict parents/church/school/whatever, so did so anyway, only in French. Have the habit vary over, even though they're old enough now to do as they please.

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