These Rice Krispie Treat Monsters are SO EASY and they're completely adorable…

Rice Krispie Treat Monsters

Fun food idea for the grands! These Rice Krispie Treat Monsters are SO EASY and they're completely adorable! They're awesome for a Halloween party or even a monster birthday party!

Chopped Salad in a Cup. Great for summer picnics and tailgate parties.  Listen to The Outdoor Cooking Show Sunday afternoons 5:00 - 6:00 PM on KPRC 950 AM in Houston, or via streaming media via the iHeart radio app.  If you can't listen live, podcasts are available via iTunes.

Great for a weeknight need to miss a picnic when you're trying to eat healthy during the week!/ Low Carb Diner: Chopped Salad in a Cup, Great for summer picnics or any brown bag.

Fun with Fruit

Pirate party or just a cute way to decorate a banana for a fun lunch box treat. (Bananas are a good source of fiber, but to kids this just looks like fun! Kids need fiber to have healthy poo that makes potty training easier!

Football Ice Cream Sandwiches | /kimbyers/ #footballparty #tailgating

Football and Super Bowl Party Food

Ice Cream Football Sandwiches {Super Bowl Party Food} by MyLittleCornerOfTheWorld

47 Unexpected Things To Do With Cookie Cutters

Use a cookie cutter to make cucumber flowers. And then you don't have to peel them! Includes a recipe for Garden Fresh Herbed Cucumber "Flower" Bites. Would be nice on cucumber sandwiches for a shower or tea.

Football Strawberries – DIY

For Jen: football-chocolate-covered-strawberries-superbowl-food-snacks-ideas-desserts-appetizers


of July Firecracker Dogs, the perfect kid food for the family festivities or the neighborhood picnic! TURKEY or chicken hotdogs healthier wheat around with light cheese stars!

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