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Let them judge you. Let them misunderstand you. Let them gossip about you. Their opinions aren't your problem. You stay kind, committed to love and free in your authenticity. No matter what they do or say, don't you dare doubt your worth or the beauty of your truth. Just keep on shining like you do. ;)

To encourage you to keep going. To remind you to be strong. Lessons Learned In Life® Copyright © 2013™ | Page 2

GOD gives challenges to make you a better and stronger person.

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tears :( for everyone that feel defeated pertaining to their health ❥➥❥ and I feel ultra-blessed that YOU and Gods Garden of Eden are like-minded with our decision to try to EMPOWER each-other with POSITIVE tips for optimal health What are YOU grateful for today? ♥Like✔“Share”✔Tag✔Comment✔Repost✔God Bless♥ ℒℴѵℯ / Thanks ➸ photo: The Horse Mafia ➸ via Cheryl Thorpe Share.Like.Comment.Tag.EMPOWERment ♡ ♥ ♡ pinned with Pinvolve -

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It is amazing, when we look back on what we thought we knew for absolutely sure that we wanted — even things we grieved over because they never happened. It is amazing how blessed we are that those things never happened or because we never ‘got’ the things we thought for sure that we wanted. You are in the middle point of here to there. If things haven’t worked out, they aren’t done working out yet....

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Some people say I'm too soft but it allows me to love deeply and want to see the good in everyone. But it also means I feel everything, the good and the bad, to my very soul.


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12 Quotes to Help You Conquer a Rough Day

Quotes to help you battle a rough day. “Having a rough day Place your hand over your heart. Feel that That’s called purpose. You’re alive for a reason. Don’t give up.” - Unknown

12 Quotes to Help You Conquer a Rough Day

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10 Quotes To Get You Out Of The End Of The School Year Slump

Quote. That's an amazing approach

10 Quotes To Get You Out Of The End Of The School Year Slump

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Every second you spend doubting your worth, and every moment you use to criticize yourself, is a tragic loss – a fresh moment of your life thrown away. And it’s not like you have forever either, so don’t waste any more of your seconds; don’t throw even one more of your moments away. Today is the best day to start loving yourself. Here are ten things self-loving people do differently:

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I love this, I have always believed in "Acting as If" If you are shy and have a desire to be successful visit for your free ebook.

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tough lesson: letting people in.. so important to have good people to trust/rely on <3 ,

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Especialmente en el lugar donde yo me merezco estar lol la cocina Como Un dia me dijeron y Ahora mira quien soy y mi posicion .

Quotes Of The Day - 14 Pics

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Eller med andra ord.

This is great advice! IN QUOTE BOOK

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Monthly Challenge - November

Monthly Challenge November, Health, Home, Thankful, Grateful, Laundry Room, Organization, Cleaning, Organizing, Life

Monthly Challenge - November - Morganize with Me

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Knowing Who is in Charge

Thank God...You are the Author and Perfecter of my faith...I am not who I used to be...AMEN!❤️

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I'm not lucky. ..You have no idea how much I've Prayed. Pray continually and don't just pray for His blessing, pray to be a blessing.

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20 Quotes You Need to Read if You’re Battling Insecurity

Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. Feed it faith. Feed it truth. Feed it with love.

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Moving forward into the future and forgetting the past will ALWAYS guarantee a positive result!

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We cling to music, to poems, to quotes, to writing, to art because ... we want someone to explain the things we can't.

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30 Helpful Life Quotes

Life Quotes // i'd find you and i'd choose you.

Pronovias > CROACIA - bridal shirt and skirt. Pronovias 2015


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It is ok to want your own happiness. It's ok to care about yourself most. You are not obligated to sit there and smile and swallow every bit of shit everyone heaps on you. You are more than furniture, you're more than window dressing, you're not their shiny toy. You're human, and you have the right to say "That was shitty of you". You have a right to protest your own mistreatment and set boundaries for respectful interactions...

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People who belittle & demean you, criticize & judge you, are the most negative & toxic people alive. Then when you try to stand up for yourself, they try to tell others that you are the "toxic" one. They say this because they can't stand it when you no longer allow them to run all over you & treat you like trash. They can't admit their own horrible behavior, so they try to make it look like it's all your fault.

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"You have been doubted, hated, talked about, made fun of, hurt, lied to, broken, and at your wits end. With that being said, I commend you for the fact that you are still standing. Your courage speaks volumes. I know your struggle & the pain you've endured. You are more than a conqueror. Nothing can keep you down & no one can steal your joy. Don't give up, continue to stand tall & love yourself first. You are appreciated. ~ Anonymous

Lessons Learned in Life | Your courage speaks volume.

You always knew that one day you would stand up for yourself… That one day you would raise the standard of your life… That one day would say to yourself, "Enough with this bull$h!t"… You might as well make today that day. - Steve Maraboli

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