Chart - "Subtraction Poem"

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The Inspired Apple: Camera Dump & Anchor Charts, Oh My!

Pronoun song to the tune of Barney's "I Love You"...cute

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Two-Digit Addition and Subtraction Anchor Charts

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the teacher wife: double-digit math {without regrouping}

draw, write, symbolize math problems

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Funky First Grade Fun

Subtraction Regrouping Poem

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Free Math Regrouping Poster!

Poster - "Collect Data and Graphing"

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Fabulous Fourth Grade: Anchor Charts


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Math, vocab

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Third Grade Thinkers: October 2011

Looking at fractions

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Room 204

Ways to say 'Groups of'

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Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes: anchor charts


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Life in First Grade

Money posters

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Erica's Ed-Ventures: Touch Math - Touch Money

money song

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Multiply by 9's Trick

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Classroom Magic: Grammar Mascots

This game highlights the relationship between fractions, decimals and percents.

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Got It

multiply vs. divide

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Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes: Think About It: Tricks for Learning

money anchor chart

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Bishop's Blackboard: A First Grade Blog: Coin Values

Mean Median Mode Range Resources

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technology rocks. seriously.: Mean, Median, Mode, & Range

Prime and Composite numbers

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F is for First Grade: Equation Anchor Chart

Anchor chart and printable song lyrics for RANGE and MEAN (Average).

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Classroom Magic: Snowflake Mean, Median, Mode, and Range

nice to show different arrays for each number..

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Multiplication Array Chart