Pay attention, Please!

Pay attention, please...

recognize one student a month for good character

Mrs. Grant's Kinder-Gators: Search results for birthday graph

weekly behav checklist

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great lesson on bullying, making fun of others

The Inspired Classroom: Kindness Lesson

Coping With Conflict . . . possible resource to purchase.

South Carolina Counselor Cafe

great ideas on her classroom management plans

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Safe spot (instead of a time out). I like this idea of a safe spot to calm down and think. This blogger has a lot of interesting thoughts on behavior as well.

Classroom Rules for Pre-K and Kindergarten | Pre-K Pages

lessons = positive ways to act & consequences of behavior

Books That Heal Kids: Book Review: The Way I Act

I made this from a couple other examples... teaching students to take responsibility for actions.

Today I went to YELLOW because.pdf - Google Docs

Promoting self esteem thru art. Called it "a little birdie told me"...

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Behavior Chart

First Grade O.W.L.s: Editable Version - Behavior Chart Log

Behavior Chart Ideas

What the Teacher Wants!: What's the bee-havior buzzzz???

Behavior Management Ideas

dandelions and dragonflies: My Behavior Management Plan

Behavior Management Ideas

dandelions and dragonflies: My Behavior Management Plan

Making Smart Choices

Clip Chart Companion- Management Forms and Reward Printables

Create your own scratch offs! Can be used as positive behavior reinforcement!

DIY Scratchers!

Behavior Punch Card

There’s a "1st" For Everything!: Punch Cards


The First Grade Parade: Wandering Wednesday

Behavioral management chart- superhero style

3rd Grade's a Hoot

Vista print cards or bulletin board with good deeds/behavior written on leaves

Polka Dot Teacher: Vista Print

Like the layout of this behavior sheet

First Grade Fabulous Fish: Behavior Chart

DIY Dry Erase Clip Boards

Beyond The Picket Fence: Under $100 Linky Party

repeat everyday

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Clip chart that you can keep private - like this so others (kids, parents) can't see how everyone is behaving.

Curls and a Smile: Color Chart Clip Board


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