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Middle School

Middle School

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Teaching kids to paraphrase

Minds in Bloom: Teaching Kids to Paraphrase, Step by Step

Math mistakes

The transition from primary to secondary school marks an important stage in a child’s school career and can be a challenging time for all children. Moving On! supports all children to feel safe and secure by understanding their new environment, the changes to routine and teaching styles.

Grammar with a Giggle for Middle School: Giggles in the Middle An effective and fun approach to meet the specific learning needs of middle school students. This resource improves writing and editing skills, raises test scores, engages students, and creates classrooms filled with giggles!

Anomia-word finding card game

Great site with board games categorized by memory, critical thinking, visual perception, etc.

Making Friends in Middle School

The teenage brain. Why they do what they do, if they do it at all.

The Model Me Conversation Cues® video features middle and high school-aged children demonstrating social skills at school and in the community. Each scene lasts between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, depending on the chapter. At the end of each chapter is a storyboard summarizing the rules taught.

Tweets About Today's Lesson: A Fun Exit Pass To Check Student Understanding

If the Characters in Your Story had Instagram

If the Characters in Your Story had Instagram

Choosing friends

Given social rules and expectations change with age, these worksheets help to encourage more mature Social Thinking and related shifts in one's social skills.

Free adolescent (girl) emotions booklet. Site has pack to help you explain to your students the changes they are going through as adolescents and how to respond to these changes in an appropriate way.

brain science behind adolescence #midleved : "Because students have not reached the brain maturity to completely manage their emotions, middle school teachers need to monitor and model supportive emotional climates."

How to Build Happy Brains

Middle School Social Studies: Resources for Students, Teachers and Parents

When does a Middle School Child need a Speech and Language Evaluation

virtual resources for middle school

FREE Fact Swap Review Game for Any Subject

Transitioning to middle school

Get Interactive: What's Your Status? #slpeeps

Higher Order questioning for students to ask each other

First Grade Resources

It's My Life: blog for middle school

Think Your Teacher Hates You?