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    Top 35 Most Pinteresting Moms

    These are the top 35 Most Pinteresting Moms. Whether they're being funny, touching, hunger-inducing, thought-provoking or crafty - they're always downright Pinteresting!

    Top 35 Most Pinteresting Moms

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    Honest Wine Labels for Moms, Valentines's Day edition - 12 hillarious labels make the perfect gift for Valentines Day or anytime you want to make your favorite mom laugh! Order them today! Last Minute Gift | Humor | Gifts

    The doubt and discouragement we face as moms and parents can be so overwhelming. Snag some needed hope here and learn the real, true, healthy perspective to parenting and healthy daily living that will give you hope and encouragement. Boot that lonely, defeated feeling with this truth!

    No One Talks About College Rejections . . . except us. College rejections don't make it into the shiny Facebook updates. We're here to truthfully and realistically commiserate and let you know you're not alone. | Teens | Parenting | Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

    What He REALLY Thinks About Valentine's Day (trust me - you want to read this) - It will make you LOL! @toulousentonic Humor | Parenting | Marriage | Love

    How to make a Mardi Gras Centerpiece - Celebrate Mardi Gras in style with this easy DIY party project. Easy to make, even if you don't like crafts... @toulousentonic

    Practical Tips for How to Teach Kids to Take Responsibility for Their Schoolwork. Before you stop hovering, you must teach them the skills to be self-sufficient. Think of it as giving them training wheels for responsibility. | Parenting | Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

    Even with all the football action and the awesome food, here's a recipe for how to get your man to pay attention to you even during the Super Bowl. | humor | game day

    So hilarious and so perfect for Valentine's Day! I'm getting all 9 labels and making gifts for my mom friends so they can get a laugh AND get some wine. But not get pregnant! LOL! Honest wine labels on etsy!

    One expert has discovered 3 new Immunity Building Measures for babies and toddlers that all mothers will want to read about. | health | humor | @toulousentonic

    Watching the Oscars isn't the same as when I watched with my friends but I found a way to still make it fun. Lots of drinks, some food and The Parents edition of The Academy Awards Drinking Game - @toulousentonic | humor | drinks | snacks

    8 reasons it's better to be a girl than a guy.... I totally agree, especially #2 and #4! What do you think? Mother | Humor | Parenting

    Whoever said, "If you believe in yourself, anything is possible," has obviously never tried to suck in back fat

    Funny wall plaques |parenting humor|

    10 ways to take your man's attention away from football. Keep these handy for Game Day or your Superbowl party. Marriage | Humor | Parenting

    What He REALLY Thinks About Valentine's Day (trust me - you want to read this). Does this sound like your husband??? Humor | Marriage | Men

    Makes a great gift for any holiday like Valentine's Day, Christmas or any or no occasion. Perfect for mothers, baby showers. These are gifts with humor! Honest Wine Labels for Moms, Valentines's Day edition - @toulousentonic

    Mardi Gras Miracle (LOL hilarious) - Learn more about the creepy blue bear and what he has to do with our Mardi Gras.. You will laugh, maybe cry, but definitely want to break out the lysol. Humor |Funny| Mother

    12 Honest Wine Labels for Moms - These are hillarious! What would your wine bottle say? These will make you LOL (and they also make the perfect gift for when a greeting card just isn't enough!) Funny | Parenting Humor | Gift Idea

    Terrible marriage tips (that might not be all that bad) - I especially like #2. Try these today! humor | men | funny

    Don't vajazzle your vajiggle jaggle and 20 other things I wish I'd known when I was 20. This list would've saved me TONS of trouble. Saving for my baby girl. | inspiration | humor | funny quotes

    Easy Hack to Use Any K-Cup in Your Keurig 2.0. This is a story of capitalism, big coffee, and the woman who would not be thwarted. |DIY | Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

    Lift your mood in 3 minutes flat - makes a great happy workout list and a good pick me up for moms. I felt really joyful after listening to this. | health | playlist | exercise

    21 ways to tell if you're becoming your mother - Which one of these do you do? #8 and #10 are my favorite!

    How do you back step from the word HUSSY? When your kid gets his heart broken -- what do you do? Mother | Parenting | Advice