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Top 35 Most Pinteresting Moms

These are the top 35 Most Pinteresting Moms. Whether they're being funny, touching, hunger-inducing, thought-provoking or crafty - they're always downright Pinteresting!

Top 35 Most Pinteresting Moms

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10 things I'll never understand about men. Number 3 is TOTALLY confusing to me!!! | humor | funny quotes | @toulousentonic

10 Things I'll Never Understand About Women. This guy lets us in on all the things men don't get about women -- the funniest thing involves "duck dynasty" in our pants. Hahaha! @toulousetonic | humor | funny quotes | marriage

10 differences in how moms treat the first and second baby. This is SO on the mark and funny! Good for baby showers! | pregnancy | humor

10 Things to Blame on the Easter Bunny. Did you forget candy for your easter baskets? Screw up the Easter recipes? No sweat, blame it on the bunny! | humor | funny lists

The time I got slimed for Nickelodeon's | ReadySetSlime | and the Kid's Choice Awards! There's video too! Check it out! NickMom

More than 30 movies (that don't suck!) to watch with kids like Wizard of Oz, Princess Bride, ET, Willy Wonka ... You'll enjoy all of these too! - @toulousentonic | lists | entertainment ideas | activities |

No you still can't pee alone. It's here! The much anticipated sequel to the NYT Best-Seller. Fourty hilarious writers share their stories from the front lines of parenting! A must read!

No sitter but still needing a date night with your husband? Here's a few simple (really!) steps to bringing a coffeehouse into your own home. Trust me, with 2 of these tricks, even the kids will be happy! Date night is on!!

Little boys in the men's room: what to do when your son doesn't want to go into the ladies' room with you anymore - @toulousentonic This is a really good solution! | raising boys | parenting

10 signs your man is way too comfortable with you! My how things have changed since the wedding! See how your husband rates! | funny quotes | humor | hacks

10 signs your wife is way too comfortable with you! How things have changed since the wedding! See how many of these things you do! | funny quotes | humor |

90 Ways to Relive the 90s - with the awesome show Friends. From the hair to the clothes to the coffee shop. This brought back to many memories! @toulousentonic | TV shows | fashion | Trends | humor

A man who's been through it 3 times reveals what it's really like to be with you during pregnancy - Hint: you're crazy! @toulousentonic |funny quotes | humor |

Get a glass of wine and read this! The Funniest Mom Blogs on the Internet in one place. @toulousentonic | humor | funny

26 Ways to Be Sure My Future Daughter in Law Loves Me - long after the wedding! | humor | sons | raising boys

Eva says look like this so your husband won't divorce you. Sweat pants are a gateway to divorce.

Sanity (and money) saving secrets to Disney World plus how to score that drink you want - even at the Magic Kingdom. | vacations | traveling with kids | tips and tricks

15 things my husband would never figure out without me - or maybe he just doesn't want to! @toulousentonic humor | funny quotes | marriage

Bed rest is hard enough! Can't believe the insensitive things people will say! Read it and be prepared! 10 Things to Never Say to Someone on Bed Rest - Toulouse & Tonic | humor | funny quotes | pregnancy

21 Ways to tell you're becoming your MOTHER - Number 2 was my first clue and I do Number 4 ALL THE TIME. Funny but true! by @toulousentonic | Parenting | Babies | humor

Being shy as a kid is no fun. Use these tips and tricks to help your child skillfully navigate the social scene--you'll be glad you checked here!

The Celebrity Baby Name Game. What a great funny idea for coming up with a baby name or for baby showers games - girls or boys! | humor | celebrities |

We love to read and we love to share it with you through our virtual book club! Open to anyone--and we love it if you show up in your pajamas. Get comfy, get cozy, and read along with some great finds with us! This month's pick is especially blowing us away!

Mom's Dinosaur Cheat Sheet - My boys want to talk about nothing but dinosaurs. Here is just enough information to keep me from looking clueless during those conversations. @toulousentonic | raising boys | humor | dinosaur facts | kid activities | books

7 exit strategies for bad playdates! If it's not going well, get out of there fast! | humor | parenting | kid activities | funny lists