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Could be one of my favourite INFJ pins ever!!

Could be one of my favourite INFJ pins ever! I do have a great poker face when I’m mad or disgusted.

I wish my family knew this about me, but how could they when I didn't even know it about myself. Now that I do though, I would want them to know....that I know everything. I know exactly what happened and why, even though they are too coward to say.  #DeCroceFamilyValues

"I always seek to serve and relate with those I can elevate, and slam the door on those that must evacuate." INFJ love and door slam

And, this is a blessing and a curse. I often carry the weight of others' emotions just by being near them. I don't want to. It's very overwhelming sometimes. It is a blessing when it can help counsel or support the other person, but often they are uncomfortable that I know so much without them telling me what I know. I wish there was an on/off switch for this! INFJ

Sometimes I feel like I have 4 bodies with equally functioning senses observing around.

I wouldn't say "hate" is the most appropriate word. I definitely dislike being helped, but that's only in situations where I can easily do something I know I can do myself -- I don't like putting others out when it's unnecessary.  However, in saying that, when I feel like the stress of doing something is killing me, that's when I'll ask for help.

My myers-briggs type? Even when people tell me to tell me about myself I have trouble. Unless the feelings overwhelm about something in particular. Then God help that person who has to listen. AMEN a

This is my heart. So I hate my chameleon-ing and letting things slide tendency. Contradictions and the ironies of human nature

I'm positive. I embrace my uniqueness. I make the people around me better while they do the same. I don't always need to be right but I always need to be real. JOIN THE FIT REVOLUTION!